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    Single Mom, Ms. Single Mama, became a single mom when she left her husband. Her blog about being a single mom holds nothing back - because being a single mom is

  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerome

    Life. Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus was born at Stridon around 347 A.D. He was of Illyrian ancestry and his native tongue was the Illyrian dialect. He was not baptized until about 360366 A.D., when he had gone to Rome with his friend Bonosus (who may or may not have been the same Bonosus whom Jerome identifies as his friend who went

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    Etymology. The English word Bible is from the Latin biblia, from the same word in Medieval Latin and Late Latin and ultimately from Koin Greek:, translit.

  4. https://phys.org/news/2014-07-scientists-timeline-human.html

    It's kinda difficult to accept anything that mainstream or 'acceptable to present to the unwashed masses' system presents to us. The number of anomalies that are rejected, denied, fought over, ridiculed to outright destroyed (reputations and lives destroyed) (entire archeological sites, data, and finds purposely destroyed/hidden) makes passive ...

  5. https://www.catholic.org/saints/fun_facts_arch.php?saint=10

    St. Jerome. Before he was known as Saint Jerome, he was named Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus. He was born around 342 AD, in Stridon, Dalmatia. Today, the town, which ceased to exist in Jerome's time, would likely be in Croatia or Slovenia.

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    Death by Eve, life by Mary Saint Jerome (Epistle 22) The standard Protestant attacks on Catholic devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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    The angry Tweets started before the nuns talk ended. My dad doesnt love me because Im gay? followed by a supportive amen chorus, We got you, man.

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    Lets begin by stipulating something America Unearthed wont tell you. The Tucson Artifacts discussed in The Desert Cross explicitly state in Latin and Hebrew that they were created by a mixture of Romans, Gauls, and Jews who came to early America and suffered a war with the Toltecs. The ...

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    With its soaring towers and grand presence along the banks of the Ebro River, the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar is the city's most iconic landmark.

  10. beginningandend.com/jesus-copy-horus-mithras-dionysis-pagan-gods

    This article looks at proof that Jesus was not a copy of pagan gods. Historical evidence for the Gospel account of Jesus Christ.